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Rohini mam is a guiding light. she is always approachable and helpful. she is a great channel to connect to our own soul and desires.

Rakhi Jambekar


Every time I get to connect with Rohini just at the right juncture of my life. The tarot readings and healing sessions are always so powerful and absolutely magical. Today's Tarot session was as If universe had delivered its message to me through you at the right time.

Thank you❤️ Much Love and Gratitude!

Keep up the great work

- Anvita Rao


Rohini is an extraordinary spiritual therapist. She is extremely helpful and understanding. The best part of her healing is that she is always available to help at any time of the day

- Dimpaal Saahy


The gratitude I have for Rohini can't be expressed in words. She works on empowering the clients and that's the best approach a therapist, counselor, coach should have. Her experience, insights, honesty is helping me become better version of myself.

- Prachi Thakur



I happened to connect with Rohini mam quite few times in past 3 months for clearing & healing sessions and mostly when I was at extreme end of negativity, dense emotions.She is a gifted intuitive channel of Divine. Found her to be very patient, co-operative, simple yet deep and compassionate in her approach. Thanks for showing up at right time.. and for your advice

- Pallavi Dhingra


Rohini is an extraordinary spritual therapist and a person. She is very intutive and opens a completely different dimension of issue her clients have. She is very professional, caring and approachable. I wish I could have met her before in my life

- Pranaya Dutta

I was feeling very low for a few days & was unable to move out of that space...miraculously by accepting it yesterday, it's gone...Poff...Thank you Rohini for showing me the way.


- Sonali Chakravarty 


Rohini is a sweet heart the best spiritual therapist, she is 
always available to guide you.
Thank you Rohini much love

- Akshata Khot Priyadarshi


Rohini Mam you are an angel for us. You have taught us so many things and so much knowledge sharing, saying thanks won't be enough.

May God bless you all the happiness 🙌🏻❤️

- Rohita Salvi 


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